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Privacy Policy



1. Information Collected

All Users must provide the following information in order to join Dollar Hauler: name, email address, physical address, date of birth, phone number, gender, and password. Users may be required to provide subsequent demographic information in order to receive Signup Bonus(es) and/or qualify for other promotions. Demographic information includes, but is not limited to: marital status, education completed, household income, and number of children in household (generally for tax purposes if claim exceeds $600 per year).

2. Means of Collection

The only way to join Dollar Hauler is through our online registration. We do not acquire Users through purchase, co-registration, or any other means. Our servers automatically log certain access details for each website visitor, including domain, IP address, time of access, referring site and content accessed. This information is collected not only to prevent fraud, but to improve site content and internally for marketing purposes.


1. Use of Information

User information is used by Dollar Hauler in all of the following, but not limited to, ways:

(a) E-Mail Address is used to confirm email and/or send payment via PayPal (b) Mailing Address is used to send payments earned by member if requested (c) Username/Email and Password are used for member protection to restrict access to their account (d) Dollar Hauler cannot be held responsible for information that you provide to advertisers linked through our site

2. Sharing of Information

Dollar Hauler does not rent, sell, or share member information, except in the following circumstances:

(a) We are required by law to release member information in response to subpoenas, court orders, or other legal processes (b) We suspect a member of committing fraud, in which case member information may be shared during the course of our investigation (c) We share User information when co-registration boxes (explained below) are checked during the course of registration (d) You manually approve your referer to communicate with you (in which case your email address will be given to them).


1. Definition

Dollar Hauler offer pages may contain co-registration checkboxes, where members can choose to "co-register" for other Web Sites during their registration with Dollar Hauler by checking the checkbox next to the co-registration Offer. Members are not required to select any co-registration boxes to join Dollar Hauler; however, they may be required to do so in order to qualify for Signup Bonus(es) and/or other promotions.

2. Information Sharing

When a member co-registers for an Offer by checking the co-registration checkbox, any information they provide to Dollar Hauler may be shared with the Advertiser associated with the co-registration Offer. Dollar Hauler cannot control what Advertisers subsequently do with that information.


1. Referral and Affiliate Tracking

Dollar Hauler uses cookies in order to track new member registrations and offer completions. This ensures members are properly credited for referring other members and completing offers, as well as to track earnings for our Affiliates.

2. Cookies

Cookies used by Dollar Hauler can only be seen by Dollar Hauler, and cannot in any way cause harm to your computer. Because we cannot properly track member actions without the use of Cookies (to ensure members are credited for completing Offers, referring friends, etc), our Web Site will not function properly for members who have disabled Cookies. Upon registration a new member can see if their cookies are configured properly.

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